Midwest USA

Remove Woodchip Playground and Install Rubber Safety Surface

Immanuel Lutheran School in Batavia, Illinois, needed to remove woodchip playground surface and replace its playground surface. They decided to replace the wood chips with a poured rubber playground surface that was both safer and (Americans with Disabilities Act) ADA compliant. The playground was located in a small courtyard area underneath play equipment in the corner of a larger space. Woodchips were used as the existing surface. While these are often cheaper initially, they tend to cost more in the long-run. Woodchips are also not ADA compliant and not safe for all children. Read our article about playground woodchips. Read More +

Recap Damaged Playground Surface

One of the benefits of poured rubber playground surfacing is that when it shows wear and tear or needs repair, it is fairly simple to recap a damaged playground surface. (Though, sometimes a new playground surface is unavoidable.) It is also significantly less expensive for schools, communities, and daycare facilities to recap the playground instead of replacing the entire surface. In Racine, Wisconsin, we were able to recap the elementary school playground for a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement. Read More +

New Playground Surfacing in Rural Area

This special project included installing a new playground surfacing on a brand new play area. The Greenwood Elementary School in Greenwood, Wisconsin is located in a fairly rural part of the state. For several years the school was working to raise funds to build a new playground for the children to play on. When they finally raised the funds to get started on the project they called adventureTURF. After the new playground equipment was installed, they needed a safer, more-durable, long-lasting new playground surfacing. Read More +

Indoor Poured Rubber Playground Surface

Poured in place rubber playground materials can be used both indoors and outdoors. We at adventureTURF install playground surfaces all over the United States and in all the different local climates. In some parts of the country—especially in daycare centers where children play year-round—indoor play facilities are necessary. While Rend Lake, Illinois, isn’t inside the arctic circle nor do they bear monsoons, the Rend Lake College Daycare has a fantastic indoor playground for the children to play even when there is inclement weather outside. Read More +