Replacing Playground Surface with Rubber Tiles

4,600 sq. ft. Replace Playground Surface & Rubber Mat Playground Install

Police Athletic League Daycare, Brooklyn New York

adventureTURF works with lots of non-profit organizations, community organizations, day care facilities, and other groups who need help getting a new safety surface for their playgrounds. We were able to partner with this Police Athletic League non-profit to provide a replacement for an aging rooftop playground they had at their facility. Partnering with our tile manufacturer and our lifting solutions specialists in New York, it made installing another rooftop playground possible.

This project included the removal of the aging playground tiles and equipment. After removal of the old tiles we had the debris removed and the new playground rubber tiles lifted on pallets to their new home. Then, our playground specialists began the playground rubber mat installation process. The end result was a beautiful new playground in a very unique space high above the streets of Brooklyn, New York City.

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