Recap Damaged Playground Surface

Repairing Worn Out Playground Flooring

Elementary School – Racine, WI

One of the benefits of poured rubber playground surfacing is that when it shows wear and tear or needs repair, it is fairly simple to recap a damaged playground surface. (Though, sometimes a new playground surface is unavoidable.) It is also significantly less expensive for schools, communities, and daycare facilities to recap the playground instead of replacing the entire surface. In Racine, Wisconsin, we were able to recap the elementary school playground for a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement.

In this example of a poured in place surface, adventureTURF recapped the existing surface for a new and safer playground. As with every playground surfacing project, we verify that the shock layer is intact to maintain safety standards and fall heights. The shock (or base layer) at this school was in perfect condition. It was only the surface layer that required recapping. This simple solution provides an essentially brand new poured-in-place playground surface without the added cost of replacing the entire rubber surfacing.

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