How much does a poured rubber playground cost?

Poured Rubber Playground Surface Design | adventureTURFSafety surfaces are a great for work and play areas, but what does a poured rubber playground cost?

Rubber safety surfaces are popping up all over: Schools playgrounds, daycare centers, recreation facilities and even places like pools, doggie day care, and senior centers. They are popular for good reason—they are durable, low-maintenance, long-lasting and safe. Most of our customers don’t need convincing that poured rubber surface is a great option, but what they want to know is how much will it cost?

Poured Rubber Playground Cost

What makes poured in place rubber playground surfacing (also called rubber playgrounds turf) an excellent choice for work and play areas of all sizes is the amount of material and depth of the surface can be completely customized. Each project estimate is based on the exact amount of surface material needed for each project, no matter the size. Depending on fall height requirements, color choices, the condition of the existing surface, location and a few other factors, the cost of your poured rubber surface for playgrounds 500 sq. ft. or larger can range from $8 to $14 per sq. ft. installed. For smaller playgrounds, the cost per square foot can be more due to the minimum amount of raw material required, and can be cost-prohibitive as compared to using rubber playground tiles. Generally, you will want your surface area to be at least 500 sq. ft. or more.

Poured Rubber Playground Cost | New York City | adventureTURFA good poured in place surface installer will work with you early in your planning stages to help you determine what materials will work best for your specific play area, what safety features and fall heights (including any ADA requirements) you will need to adhere to, and ultimately what kind of budget you’ll need to plan for. (Here are a few sources we’ve come across for playground funding and grants.)

We recognize that every playground or safety surfacing project we do ultimately comes down to cost for our customers. We at adventureTURF want you to have the best and safest poured rubber play surface—one that fits with your budget. So even if you are in the early stages of researching playground surfacing options, contact us. We’re happy to help with ideas, give you options to consider, and even help design the best poured rubber surface for your needs.

If you aren’t sure about what kind of surface you would like to use for your playground, you may be interested in reading more about Playground Safety, Woodchips, and Proper Playground Maintenance.

If you are further along in your planning stages and need a quote for your playground or other safety surface project, great! We can help with that too. Use our handy Get a Quote form to tell us about your project and we’ll put together a quote just for you.