Wheelchair & Handicap Accessible Playground Surfaces

Handicap Accessible Playground Safety Flooring

ADA Compliant Playground Surfaces

We believe playgrounds should be inclusive — everyone should be able to enjoy them, including those with special needs. So, we only work with wheelchair/handicap accessible playground surface materials that can be installed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

That means our playground surfacing design and installation will include edges that are beveled, use ground-level play components, and accessible routes for wheelchairs. ADA playground surfaces are important to our founder.

Here’s what Mike (AdventureTURF’s owner) said about a recent experience he had:

On a recent visit to one of our completed projects, I was able to witness a “Liberty Swing” in use for the first time (yellow swing pictured below).


A liberty swing is swing that accommodates children in wheelchairs. It reminded me of what is undoubtedly the coolest thing about rubber playground surfacingit is the only product on the market that is both safe and accessible for children of all abilities. We have worked on many playgrounds and other safety surfaces where compliance with ADA regulations is very important. We work hard to make sure our installations can accommodate everyone at play.


The yellow swing (pictured below) is the Liberty Swing that was installed on one of our recent playground surfacing projects.

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