Poured Rubber Playground Surfacing

The Poured Rubber Surfacing Installation Process

How our experts install your playground and safety flooring.

have you ever wondered how we install our poured rubber flooring for playgrounds, pool decks, and other safety surfaces? We often get asked, ‘How does it work’? We took video of a couple of our playground installation experts in action.

Check out our videos below. We show footage of how both the mixing and the installation process works—we think it’s pretty neat!

We’ve also added progress photos from one of our recent projects.

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Installation Process

After the components are mixed, advetureTURF experts “pour” the mixture over the prepared surface. Then the mixture is spread out and leveled. Finally they trowel the surface smooth.

The surface is left to dry and set in place.

Mixing Process

During the poured rubber surface mixing process rubber granules are added to a mixing machine along with the adhesive compound.

Once the granules and adhesive are mixed they are transferred to a wheelbarrow to “pour” on to the playground surface.

In-Progress Photos of One of Our Projects

Germantown, WI