Playground Safety Week 2021: 10 Playground Safety Tips From the Experts (with Infographic)

April 26-30, 2021 is National Playground Safety Week in the United States. As warmer weather and more outside playtime begins, now is a great time to review playground safety and prepare playgrounds and our kids for summer fun! We asked experts from various organizations for their best playground safety tip. We narrowed down their recommendations […] Read More +

Proper Maintenance and Care for Playground and Safety Surfaces

There is no playground surface that is completely 100% maintenance freeā€”not even poured in place rubber playground surfaces. Probably the most common misconception with rubber playground surface is that it is maintenance free. Like everything else in the world, this product requires a little bit of TLC to keep it looking great (and functioning properly). […] Read More +

Playground Safety Checklist

Without question, the most important thing to think about when considering options for your playground or playground surfacing is whether or not the playground is safe. is a great resource to use when researching safety standards for your playground and surface. Checklist of the Top 10 things to Consider for Playground Safety Adult Supervision […] Read More +

Playground and Safety Surfacing Maintenance

Despite what many people may believe, poured in place rubber surface is not 100% maintenance-free. Of course, it’s a lot easier than maintaining wood chips as a playground safety surface. By no means does this mean that it isn’t a durable and reliable playground safety surface that will last a long time. A newly installed […] Read More +
Natural Grass Playground Soil Surface

Pros & Cons: Natural Grass or Soil for Playground Surfaces

Should You Choose Natural Surface for Your Playground? It may seem like the ground surface options for your playground area are endless, with options ranging from natural grass and dirt to poured-in place (PIP) rubber. Each option has its own maintenance needs, expected longevity, accessibility ratings, and installation requirements. Naturally, we think your best option […] Read More +